Premium Quality EcoWriter A4 Portrait Waterproof Clipboard --- Black
Premium Quality EcoWriter A4 Portrait Waterproof Clipboard --- Black

  • The A4 Portrait EcoWriter is the latest design by RainWriter in waterproof clipboards . Available in Black with one external Clip.

Design feature and benefits of the RainWriter EcoWriter Clipboard

  • ·        Extra Low Temperature material for colder conditions
  • ·        Extra Strength Design in High Wear Areas
  • ·        Spring-loaded clear "hood" that pops open and stays open to protect paperwork
  • ·        Snaps flat when closed to protect your paperwork when not in use. Holds over 150 sheets!
  • ·        Premium quality materials used in the construction of the clipboard
  • ·        Lifetime warranty – best warranty currently in the UK
  • ·        Bulk purchase available
  • ·     ·  Courier delivery for bulk orders


Size Open: (A)245mm x (B)345mm x 230mm.
Size Closed: (A)245mm x (B)345mm x 20mm.
Weight: 500gms approx.

Lifetime warranty as standard - Best in the industry

No other manufacturer currently offers a lifetime warranty on products like this. This adds more value to what is probably the best waterproof clipboard in its class available today 


We also offer wholesale and custom logos printed on the clipboards on selected quantities 

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