A3 Landscape Waterproof Clipboard
A3 Landscape Waterproof Clipboard
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The A3 Landscape RainWriter XL is the latest design in waterproof clipboards for use in all weather and is specifically for those working with larger papers such as plans. The RainWriter has a plastic cover which is spring loaded so you can use it in the rain, the cover can be folded flat and on the back there are four clips so you can use it as a standard clipboard in dry weather. All our Waterproof Clipboards now come standard with unique features.


  • Extra Low Temperature material for colder conditions
  • Standard on all XL Waterproof Clipboards external Double Clips for this rare windy days to hold your paper
  • Extra Strength Design in High Wear Areas


At RainWriter as the manufacturer we have the confidence in our product to offer extended 2 year warranty on our XL range of Waterproof Clipboards

Takes Paper Size: A3=420mm x 297mm.

Size Open: (A)435mm x (B)345mm x 245mm.
Size Closed: (A)435mm x (B)345 x 25mm.
Weight: 650gms approx.

It can also take two sheets of A4 paper side by side. These waterproof clipboards are ideal for use in any type of weather! Regardless if it is for archeology, surveying, sports, delivery records, football coaching, wildlife surveys, farming, you name it, our products will work for you.