Welcome to Waterproof Clipboard Store

We offer a range of products for anyone needing to take notes outside in wet or windy conditions. Please take a look at our RainWriter Waterproof Clipboards.

Useful to anyone who needs to take notes or use documents whilst outside, our waterproof clipboards are used extensively by engineers, ecologists, environmental consultants, local authorities including police and ambulance, tree surgeons, geologists, sports officials and trainers or anyone who needs to work outdoors.


  1. Spring-loaded clear "hood" that pops open and stays open to protect paperwork
  2. Snaps flat when closed to protect your paperwork when not in use. Holds over 150 sheets!
  3. Regular clipboard on the back for the rare clear day. Now available in Double External Clips.
  4. Two internal pen pockets, and an external ring which allows for hanging your RainWriter.
  5. Available in various sizes and paper orientations - there's one for any form or document
  6. Available in 3 colors RED, BLACK or NEON BLUE

At Waterproof Clipboard Store all our RainWriter Waterproof Clipboards include FREE SHIPPING to UK. Ireland and EU countries, When you purchase from us the Price is as shown No Hidden Extras just a Quality RainWriter Waterproof Clipboard delivered by Royal Mail to your doorstep. 

Check out what some of our Customers say. Andy from New Zealand

Hi Guys, I just ordered a waterproof clipboard from you. There were many alternative suppliers on Google but the deal breaker was the free shipping from the US Store, I saw one site that predicted a cost of £60 for shipping, twice the price of the actual product. Living out here in The Land that Time Forgot ( New Zealand ) there are limited options for sourcing such specialised products locally.

Anyway just to let you know that this is why I chose to do business with you so keep up the good work. These savings count these days.